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My Story

As an up-and-coming hairstylist, Keyanna’s goal is to create a safe space for her curly hair community. As a curly haired woman herself, she understands the unique struggle of wanting a hairstyle but not knowing where to go. In the world of hairstyling, the game is always changing – but her innate passion for hair, and drive to have her clients look and feel more beautiful, motivates her to constantly learn, refine, and perfect her skills.


At KeyKeySlaysHair, we live by the phrase “Quality over Quantity”. When you are in my chair the session is all about you! Getting your hair done should be relaxing and therapeutic. That is what we provide for our clients at every session.


Fun Fact: My biggest inspiration is Madame CJ Walker (whom I share the same birthday with) as she was the first black female millionaire in America. Although she was not a hairstylist, she built a multimillion-dollar business by selling hair products for women experiencing hair loss. This was during a time where being a Black woman in and of itself was a hardship. Her determination inspires my Why.


Come get slayed by me!

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